Longevity Pack - Vitality Support - Women


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Product Information

Pack Content
  • BALANCE Your Health x1
  • SOOTHE x1
  • REVITALIZE  - Women x1
  • Royal Blend Tea x1

The Vitality Support Pack contains three of Alphay’s premier products for supporting vitality throughout the aging process. Leading the product combination is Alphay’s most popular formula, Balance for Men and Women. This proprietary blend of Lingzhi, Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps mushrooms and Schisandra are highly valued herbs in the 5 Element tradition of revitalizing formulas. Soothe Your Stomach, corresponding to the Earth element, promotes digestion and assimilation necessary for energy production. Revitalize Your Kidneys is the third product in this essential pack for Longevity support. According to the 5000 year old tradition of the 5 Elements, it is the Kidneys that supply all of the other organ systems with the energy needed to live a long, balanced life. Revitalize Your Kidneys supplies the foundational, “root” support for the entire body.

Key words: Metabolism, Digestion, Adaptogenic, Adrenals

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